Emerson and the Art of Hand-lettering

Emerson and the Art of Hand-lettering

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Little is more pleasing to my eye right now than the sinuous, uber-feminine flow of hand-lettering. It reminds me of the hours I spent as a 10-year-old girl, obsessed with calligraphy, paint-by-numbers, and making stained glass.  The art of hand-lettering captivates me because it feels so delighfully old-fashioned and yet fresh, so formal yet fun and playful, so fastidious yet fluid. Kelly Cummings’ The Year of Lettering is inspiring me to take up calligraphy again…

Ralph Waldo Emerson is my go-to transcendentalist. So much of what he writes is echoed in the teachings of Savitri, my mediation teacher. His essays are inspiring as well. I recommend The OverSoul as a possible starting point.

Hand-lettering plus Emerson quote equals Happy Letitia.

Letitia Walker
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