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We love watching students find freedom in the body, balance with the emotions, and the discovery of their life purpose.


Never been to a class? Here’s what you need to know.

Purna means complete. We believe that yoga is more than just physical exercise. You are more than just your body. Purna Yoga is a practice that helps you make better decisions, foster deeper relationships and live a purposeful life.
Purna Yoga | Headstand Letitia Walker

Purna Yoga® involves all aspects of the human being’s experience:  body, mind, emotions, spirit.

Purna Yoga | Heartfull Meditation Virasana Asheville, NC

Connecting to the spark of the divine within you through dynamic and transformational meditation.


Finding alignment as well as openness and connection in the mind and body.

Teaching people – not just poses – so that practice involves the whole YOU. Click images below to begin your practice today.

Take time to practice.

Practice isn’t limited to being on the mat. As Sri Aurobindo says, “All Life is Yoga.” Opportunities to practice are all around us.

  • Don’t just sit there! Stand up…

If you’ve been sitting for more than 20 minutes, take a break, stand in Tadasana, lifting the bottom of your belly while rooting your femur bones in the socket; press down through the heels and lift from the inner arches to the inner groins. Standing for just two minutes for every half hour of sitting dramatically reduces the side effects of sitting.


Prolonged sitting has been linked to high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, weakened abdominal muscles, tightened hip flexors, poor circulation in the legs, strain in the neck and shoulders and even a decrease in brain function. For more info check this out.

  • Daily Downward Dog

Keep it Simple! One pose a day is a great START. Set the intention to practice one pose a day, and you’ll find that one pose leads to two, three, then 20 minutes of yoga a day. My go-to for daily practice: Adho Mukha Svanasana. This multi-tasker works the hips and shoulders while extending the spine, strengthening the legs and arms, and combines a standing pose, inversion and a forward bend.

  • Meditation Moment

Self-study (svadyaya) is an integral part of a balanced yoga practice. It helps us understand who we are and what our purpose (dharma) is in this life. Spend time asking the three questions of Purna Yoga: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Let the answers come rather than striving to analyze.

Yoga Mat and Strap

Yoga therapy and private sessions are designed to help you go deeper in asana or focus attention on those areas that are calling out through tightness or injuries.

Yoga Therapy offers the opportunity to move past injuries and restrictions both physical and emotional to alleviate pain and find greater health, happiness and well-being.

Private (or semi-private) Instruction is perfect for answering individualized questions that can’t be addressed effectively in a group setting. 

  • Join Letitia for a 3-hour mini-workshop that will make the anatomical action of the pelvis in forward bends clear as well as offer tools to address tension, tightness, and resistance in these areas while presenting a variety of forward bends to practice (reclining, standing, sitting) finding the action in your body....

  • Join Hannah on September 22nd from 2-5 pm for a transformative workshop to define, embrace, and enhance love for yourself as she leads you through the Hip Opening Series with the Great Yoga Wall. Explore the ways in which societal conventions can stand in the way of showing ourselves and our bodies love and care....

  • Starting Sunday, September 22nd, it's our first yoga class for KIDS! Family Yoga will be from 10 to 11 am and then Purna Kid Yoga starts at 11:30 am and runs for 75-minutes (with a snack included!). Purna Kid Yoga gives kids a chance to be in the present moment so they can listen to and learn about themselves, practice meditation techniques to increase self-awareness & self-reliance, learn strategies to navigate joyfully through their busy days, and have fun practicing asana with other children. $15. Recommended for children 5+....