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Our classes take place at two Asheville locations during the week. Each one is a little different but still the same great Purna Yoga. We look forward to practicing with you!

Class Locations & Details

Asheville Movement Center

4 Richmond Ave.

Asheville, NC 28806

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$14  –  Drop-In Rate for all classes at Asheville Movement Center

$12  –  Per class for punch card holders


PUNCH CARD TERMS (for AVL Movement Center):

  • $120 for 10 classes
  • No expiration
  • Flexible payment plans
  • First Timers – your first Punch Card is only $100 when purchased within 2 weeks of your first attended class at AMC
One Center Yoga

120 Coxe Ave #3a

Asheville, NC 28801

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$16  –  Drop-In Rate for all classes at One Center Yoga


Series packages are available for purchase through One Center Yoga


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Purna Yoga & Heartfull Meditation, All Levels


One Center Yoga

Class Description:

Learn how to feel calm, energized, and focused. Develop a deeper relationship with your Self. Classes blend alignment-based yoga sequences developed by Aadil Palkhivala and easy-to-learn Heartfull Meditation techniques as taught by Savitri (the founders of Purna Yoga).

Appropriate for all students interested in practicing yoga as a way to connect more deeply with the inner Self, the inner purpose, and most importantly, the inner smile.


Level 1


Asheville Movement Center

Class Description:

Each class begins with Heartfull Meditation, before moving into alignment-based asana. Students learn the basic Purna Yoga Series designed by Aadil Palkhivala, and develop an understanding of the basic points of alignment for safe, effective, sustainable yoga.

Students should expect to work on a variety of poses: standing poses, simple twists, chest openers, and simple backbends, as well as progressions for headstand and shoulderstand. Classes incorporate anatomy mini-lectures and some applied philosophy.

Last Tuesday of the month has a restorative focus.

Available for One on One sessions.


Office hours. Available for One on One sessions.


Level 1 & 2


Asheville Movement Center

Class Description:

Each class begins with Heartfull Meditation, before moving into alignment-based asana. Level 1 & 2 classes continue a student’s journey to master the basics while giving the opportunity to develop greater strength and flexibility in a variety of poses. Headstand and Shoulder Stand as well as the preparations for these poses are practiced regularly. Modifications are given as needed for each student to achieve his or her potential in a variety of poses. Last Thursday of the month has a meditation focus, spending at least 20 minutes working with Heartfull Meditation techniques.

Office hours. Available for One on One sessions.


Office hours. Available for One on One sessions.


Donation Class / All Levels


Asheville Movement Center

Class Description:

Each class begins with Heartfull Meditation, before moving into alignment-based asana. Classes explore the fundamentals of alignment in all the basic types of poses while also encouraging students to pursue the deeper, more heart-centered aspects of the yogic path. Students can expect a wide range of sequences covering all areas of asana including standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, seated and floor work as well as progression towards headstand and shoulder stand.  The practice is heart-centered and rooted in the ideals of community exploration with a goal of discovery and eventually transformation. Suggested donation: $5 to $15


Donation Class / All Levels with Whitney Shroyer


Asheville Movement Center

Class Description:

Emphasis on detoxification (physical and mental), reenergizing for the coming week, restoration, and pranayama (breathing exercises). Each class begins with Heartfull Meditation, before moving into challenging, but not impossible, Purna Yoga asana. Yoga for real bodies. Yoga for the service industry. Yoga for the dubious and sarcastic. Yoga for the critical thinker with an open heart. Yoga for the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga for hangovers. Suggested donation: $5 to $15


First Timers

What you need to know about our classes.

Namaste | Namaskarasana | Heartfull Meditation Purna Yoga Asheville, NC

Every class begins with guided Heartfull Meditation and the Opening Series to center the heart and mind, and open the body for practice. Classes may be built on a particular theme, either anatomical or philosophical, or cater to the specific needs of the students’ bodies at that moment.


Throughout class, students are given anatomic direction in asana (poses) with focus on alignment for safety and precision as well as energetic direction to deepen the spirit/mind/body connection. Letitia gives clear demonstrations of poses and modifications, shares yogic philosophy and guides students into deepening the connection to their True Self.


Never taken a yoga class before? Concerned about injuries or limitations? We believe every pose can be modified to fit a wide range of abilities. We also use props to make poses accessible for a variety of students’ bodies. Contact Letitia to find out which class is right for you.


We have all the props you need at both locations, but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you have one.


Please wear comfortable clothing that allows Letitia to easily see your alignment in poses, especially if you have therapeutic concerns. Baggy clothing can hinder progress simply because you can’t see what you’re dealing with.


Arrive to class 10 minutes early if it’s your first time so that you and Letitia can talk about any injuries, limitations or concerns you might have. See you in class!

One on One Yoga

Group classes give you the opportunity to practice with a community, a group of people pursuing the goals of yoga together. But sometimes injury, special needs, or the desire to work on a specific focus calls for one-on-one learning; for these we offer specialized Yoga Therapy Sessions and Private/Semi-Private Sessions.

Yoga Therapy | For the knees | Purna Yoga with Letitia Walker Asheville, NC

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy offers the opportunity to move past injuries and restrictions both physical and emotional to alleviate pain and find greater health, happiness and well-being. Letitia incorporates all of the aspects of Purna Yoga (asana & pranayama, nutrition, meditation, and applied philosophy) to help her clients find relief from pain, increased mobility, and a life more easily lived. She specializes in Low-Back, Knee, and Neck and Shoulder Issues. She also works with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other wrists issues as well as foot and ankle work.

We recommend a 90 minute session for your first yoga therapy appointment so there is plenty of time to cover the presenting complaints as well as address all the aspects of healing (asana, nutrition, and meditation).

Call  828 230 8213  for a FREE initial phone consultation to assess your needs and what you’d like to get out of your One-on-One Yoga session.

Yoga Therapy Pricing


60-min session


*90-min session

*Recommended option for first session

Cancellation Policy: A charge of 50% of the session cost will be due if cancelled with less than 24-hr notice.

Private and Semi-Private Sessions

But what if you just want to find more specific ways to lengthen your hamstrings, open your hips in a balanced way, refine your Head Stand or Shoulder Stand, or learn a few specific series tailor made for you to practice at home? Private (or semi-private – 5 or fewer) Instruction is perfect for answering this individualized questions that can’t be addressed effectively in a group setting. Just as lovely is the use of semi-privates for birthday celebrations, pre-wedding day gatherings, or any time you want to gather with friends for a special focus.

Letitia Walker | Handstand | Purna Yoga Asheville, NC
Private Session Pricing


30-min session


60-min session


90-min session

Cancellation Policy: A charge of 50% of the session cost will be due if cancelled with less than 24-hr notice.

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